Morning rooftop flow yoga with Angela Sealy

Morning Yoga Flow with Angela Sealy/LilaYoga Massage in Barcelona: A glimpse for my students to give them an idea of what my morning practice might look like and some inspiration to create their own. It’s different every day – can be more...
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The Art of Receiving

THE ART OF RECEIVING Over the years, I have tried to explain to clients how important it is to ‘receive’, and not just once or twice a year. Receiving, whether it be in the form of massage, energy healing, acupuncture or your choice can rejuvenate...
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Essential Oils: Miracles in a Bottle

Essential Oils: Miracles in a Bottle So I’ve been using essential oils on and off now for over 7 years and have only recently realized how vast their uses are! I’ve always loved mixing these delightful aromas for home sprays, massage oils or a few...
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Winter: A Time to Nourish the Soul

Winter: A Time to Nourish the Soul Based on my studies of Eastern traditions, I’ve found quite an astounding observation about the Western world — that many of us are living our lives contrary to the rhythms of nature. With so many advances emerging...
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