Lila Testimonials


Massage Testimonials:
“La semana pasada recibí un masaje Thai de Angela: fue una experiencia genial! El masaje me invitó a relajarme y me di cuenta que liberé de una capa de tensión y estrés que llevaba cargando conmigo durante bastante tiempo: ahora duermo como un niño y me siento más ligero. Pon a Angela en tu vida! Recomiendo!”
— Eduard, Barcelona

“Angela’s healing talents have helped me feel balanced, clear, and calm. She is well-trained and has much to offer, so every session is unique. It’s a gift to be in her presence; the physical and energetic healing she facilitates, so quietly and humbly, amaze me. I would recommend her to anyone feeling off-center, physically or emotionally.”
— Keith, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner

“Angela is a sensitive and gifted therapist. Her work is heart connected, and her intention for bringing clarity, relaxation, and healing to her client is deeply felt through her work. You will leave feeling more grounded and open.”
— Kelly, Yoga Therapy Teacher

Yoga Testimonials:

“As a Pilates instructor with zero previous experience of yoga, I have been bowled over by Angela’s classes. I am impressed with her understanding of anatomy and protecting the body whilst moving through poses, as well as her ability to mix the meditative side of yoga with the inevitable funny situations that arise in class.
She blends her massage therapist touch in to her teaching, using oils and gentle physical cues to help students get the most out of her classes.”
— Laura, Pilates Instructor

“Over the last year since I discovered Angela and her classes, I’ve been turned onto yoga, something that I thought was haphazardly, yet repetitively taught at my gym before. Each class is completely different, focusing on a certain mental or spiritual theme and physical goal or goals. She adapts each class to the audience, making sure novices know what to do and how to improve, while the master yogis are encouraged to push themselves with more complicated poses. Angela’s classes are open, honest and personal, and a lot of fun. Bonus she gives you a taste her own thai massage mastery as she helps you improve and feel more relaxed. After having taken different kinds of dance and exercise for three decades now, I can easily say her classes are the most professional and engaging I’ve had the privilege to attend.”
— Jennifer, Barcelona

“I just completed a 4 week yoga Fundamentals course with Angela and I have to say I highly recommend it.
Angela is an amazing teacher, she has a huge depth of knowledge and great understanding of movement function and dysfunction.
When you are practicing an asana and she lays her hands on you, everything suddenly feels right.
I have also had one of her glorious Thai Massages and as someone who is not always comfortable receiving massages these are perfect.
I can’t wait to continue my yoga practice with Angela and will be calling on her for regular massages.”
— Lucy, Pilates Instructor

“Empecé a practicar Yoga con Angela hace unos meses, y en resumen: Estoy encantadísima! Cada semana espero mi clase con muchas ganas… Es una clase muy completa, que está estructura acerca de un tema que sirve de hilo conductor a lo largo del curso. Es muy atenta, y adapta la clase a tus necesidades. Te corrige las posturas e introduce nuevas en cada clase lo que te permite ir descubriendo esa apasionante disciplina. Los últimos minutos los dedicamos a la meditación. Siempre acabo muy relajada y en paz conmigo misma. En resumen, es muy buena profesora, y aconsejaría a todo el mundo tomar clases con ella.”
— Ann-Sophie, Yoga Student

“When I booked into Angela’s Yoga relaxation class with Thai massage I was feeling tired, stressed and suffering chronic back pain. I absolutely loved the deeply relaxing poses that enabled me not only to relax mentally and physically, but which also eased out the tension that was causing the back pain. Angela has a wonderfully calming aura and a delightful singing voice when she chants – she is such a soothing presence as she moves around the class with her healing hands. I arrived in pain, stressed and tired and simply floated out of the class at the end. And I slept like a baby – most unusual for me. I would recommend Angela’s class to anyone who is looking for deep relaxation and to escape from stress. Her classes are balm for the body & soul. I rave about them to everyone.”
— Nadine, Yoga Student

“Thank you, I really enjoyed the [yoga] event on Friday. At the moment with my work and studies I am really busy and that session gave me the chance to decompress. I have not always found it easy to find a yoga class that I connect with, but in this case I did and you clearly teach from the heart so the whole experience was lovely!”
— Emma, Yoga Student

Private Yoga Testimonials:
“I have had the opportunity to work with Angela on several occasions since I started suffering from hip mobility issues accompanied by sciatic and gluteal pain. Most recently we worked together on a consistent basis, and with great results. Angela’s approach is very focused and personalized yet always open minded and observing. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personalized, guided yoga practice, be it for relaxation, mindfulness, or to restore strength and flexibility.”
— Kai, Yoga Student

“I booked in for a therapeutic yoga with Angela because I was suffering from extremely tense shoulders and a very stiff neck. I had given her a brief description before our session, but really appreciated how careful she was to listen to my symptoms, ask thoughtful questions and carry out various physical tests before starting with any exercises. I felt like the whole session was carefully tailored to my needs.

Although the exercises/poses were often quite subtle the effects were huge. I felt much freer at the end of the session compared to how I had walked in, but the biggest difference was the next day, not only was I more supple in that whole region but I felt muscles that I didn’t even know existed! This was helpful because these are exactly the muscles that I need to build and so my homework (exercises that Angela prescribed) is now that much easier.

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing experience and I felt that I learned a lot about my body. I definitely recommend it to anyone with an injury or who would like to work on a particular region of their body.”
— Djanira, Yoga Student