Angela teaches yoga in English and Spanish around Barcelona. She specializes in private and semi-private groups and also works with several offices to offer stretching for their employees. She can provide a classroom setting, come to your home or office or meet you in the park for your tailor-made yoga class.


Intimidated by going to a public class or perhaps you have been going but don’t know if you are doing the poses correctly? Come try out a private yoga asana session with Angela and ask all those questions you have been wanting to ask. A private yoga asana session will include active stretches combined with strength-building, alignment cues and hands-on assists.

This is the time to work on more advanced poses if desired or simply learn how to be aware of your body and find right alignment in basic poses.


Each session with Angela is designed to meet your personal needs thru the therapeutic application of yoga, hands-on assists and Thai bodywork. We will work together to actively realign the body and bring it back to balance combined with some relaxing restorative poses to allow for the body to find balance and essentially heal itself.

A yoga therapy session will be relaxing and will not include a lot of physically challenging poses so is recommended for those who might be dealing with stress, chronic pain or an acute injury. We will use props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps to allow for the body to feel fully supported.

Angela will also recommend some exercises for your at-home practice that you can do in between sessions.

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Pricing for Yoga

  • Private Yoga Asana/Therapy (1 hr) – 50€
  • Private Yoga Asana/Therapy (1.5 hrs) – 70€
  • Class packages available upon request*

What to Wear & Bring

For yoga, please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that will allow for freedom of movement. Please bring your own mat and water.

Cancellation policy:  If you cancel up to 24 hours beforehand, you will not be charged. If you cancel the day of or miss your appointment, you will be charged half of the rate.
Gift certificates available for as excellent gifts for friends and family to treat themselves.
Packages are available at discounted rates and keep a look-out for specials and other discounts on my Facebook page.


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